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Repair of hydraulic cylinder piston rod

After the hydraulic cylinder piston rod strain, if you do not promptly treated, ranging from affecting the normal use, while the hydraulic cylinder is not working. Our repair method is that for lighter pull marks take partial grinding method of polishing repair; for heavier pull marks the take welding method plus artificial grinding repair.

Pull scar formation: after the disintegration of the crane, a fluffing cylinder piston rod was found to be severely strained, pulled alongside six marks. The main cause is the piston rod strain: dust ring was brittle after massive loss, not only lost the role of dust, but were also piled up a lot of dust and magazines, the piston rod directly with impurity hard grind, cause the piston lever is pulled, the scars Zaigua bad hatch rubber seal components, resulting in serious leakage of hydraulic cylinders.

Repair requirements: filler and base metal must be combined with a solid, smooth; seasoning must be durable and easy to manual processing; manual processing must ensure that the piston rod diameter error is less than 0.06mm. After analysis, the decision to adopt the filler is J422 electrode. Because, acid electrode of rust, oil and water is not sensitive, not prone to hydrogenation hole; technology is good, easy to operate; weld appearance; moderate hardness, easy to manual processing; arc stability, penetration larger, and the base material combined firm.
Repair process:
(1) The first parts to be welded cleaned with wet mud and then will pull marks four weeks surrounded.
(2) Selection of 2.5mm diameter rod, the welding current is adjusted to 120A; take a smooth linear motion welding strip method.
(3) After all the welding complete, the mud and slag cleaned with rasps are repaired along the circumference of the piston rod and leave 0.1-0.2mm filing allowance.
(4) a vehicle outside diameter of 185mm, an inner diameter of 125mm, 150mm long when the cam cylinder (piston rod diameters 125mm), along the axis of sawing, a coarse mode, the other for the fine mode.
(5) in the inner wall of the mold coated with a thin layer of coarse red ink, then the crude mold abuts on the piston rod parts for repairs along the axis of the run several times back and forth, and then with a fine file heavier red marks on the piston rod file out. Again revised filing, and after leaving 0.04-0.07mm allowance.
(6) The purpose of the sand bar 320 and then dipped in kerosene piston rod with precision molding grinding to a predetermined size.
(7) Finally, the back of the hand-polished emery cloth dipped in kerosene. After the measurement, the maximum error is only 0.03mm.
After the crane repair, after a year and a half of use, fluffing cylinder leakage phenomenon has not occurred, while the rod is smooth, no rust.
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