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Hydraulic cylinder disassembly should pay attention to matte

(1) Before removing the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic circuit should be relief. Otherwise, when coupled with the cylinder tubing joints loosen; the circuit of the high-pressure oil will quickly ejected. Hydraulic circuit should first loosen the relief valve pressure relief, etc. The regulator hand wheel or screw, so that the pressure oil unloading, then cut off the power on or off the power source, so that the hydraulic unit is stopped.

(2) Should be disassembled to prevent damage to the top of the threaded rod, oil port thread and piston rod surface, cylinder inner wall. To prevent the piston rod and other elongate member bent or deformed, application support skids equilibrium placement.

(3) Due to the structure and size of the various hydraulic cylinders vary slightly different order of removal. Generally should let go of the two chambers of the cylinder oil, then remove the cylinder head, and finally dismantle the piston and piston rod. When removing the cylinder head, the card key card key type connection or snap ring use a special tool, prohibit the use of flat shovel; for flanged top of the screw cap must be allowed hammering or hard pry . When the piston and the piston rod extraction difficult, cannot be forced to play, we should identify the reasons for further disassembly.

(4) Before and after unloading to try to create conditions to prevent the hydraulic cylinder parts are dust and impurity contamination around. For example, should dismantle as much as possible in a clean environment; After disassembly all parts use plastic sheeting to cover, do not use cotton or other work covered with a cloth.

(5) Cylinder disassembly to carefully check, to determine which parts can continue to be used, which parts can be repaired before using it, which parts must be replaced.

(6) Of the parts must be carefully cleaned before assembly.

(7) Around the sealing device to be properly installed. When ① install o-ring, do not pull its permanent deformation degree, do not scroll side suit, it may distort the shape due to the formation and leakage. ② When installation y-shaped and v-ring, pay attention to the mounting direction, to avoid oil spills installed instead. On the y-ring, its lips to deal with the pressure of the oil chamber; in addition, yx-ring is also a distinction shaft or hole, do not install the wrong. v-ring made of a shape different support rings, seals and pressure rings, when the pressure ring compress the seal ring, bearing ring seal ring can be generated as the sky-shaped seal, the installation should be opening facing the sealing ring pressure oil chamber; adjusting the pressure ring, no leakage should be limited, non overextended, sealed to prevent too much resistance. ③ sealing means such as cooperation with the sliding surface, the assembly should be coated with an appropriate amount of hydraulic oil. O-ring and dust ring should be fully renewed ④ disassembled.

(8) Threaded fastener tightening should use special wrench, torque moment shall meet the standards.

(9) The piston and rod assembly shall try to measure the concentricity and straightness over the entire length whether the ultra-poor.

(10) Assembled piston assembly and movement should be no sense of resistance blocking uneven and so on.

(11) When the hydraulic cylinder to be installed on the host computer, must be added between the oil inlet fitting and fastening a good seal to prevent oil spills.

(12) According to the requirements of a good assembly, it should be reciprocated several times under low pressure to exclude cylinder gas.
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